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Poplar plywood board.

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Plywood is obtained by gluing together plies of cross-grained veneer, ie the grain of one layer is at right angles to the next. Normally an odd number of plies are used in order to achieve structural balance and improved physical – mechanical performance.

The properties of the plywood board are therefore far superior to those of the constituent wood. The most noteworthy characteristic of the plywood is that it has virtually the same properties along planes in any direction (isotropy).



The Garnica group works with poplar veneer sourced from trees grown using environmentally friendly techniques on sustainably managed plantations. All of the material has guarantees of origin. For specific purposes other wood species are available on request for the face veneers.


The type of adhesive depends on the veneer characteristics and the properties required, as follows:

  • - Urea- Formol - class I (for interiors).
  • - Urea- Melamine -Formol – class II (semi-exterior quality).
  • - Phenol - Formaldehyde – class III (for exteriors)


Bond quality

This is based on the environment in which the product is to be used:

  • Dry interior conditions (bond class 1).
  • Protected exterior conditions (bond class 2).
  • Unprotected exterior conditions (bond class 3).

 Emission of formaldehyde


* All the products manufactured by Garnica Plywood meet the requirements of European Standard E1 (EN 717-2).

** This year the plywood has been developed according to Standard JIS (F****).

*** This year we have also developed a correlation between the three standards.

De Gouw Handelmaatschappij is sinds 2008 FSC® en PEFC gecertificeerd.

De Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) is een onafhankelijk, breed gesteund en wereldwijd opererend systeem voor de certificering van verantwoord beheerd bos en verantwoord geproduceerd hout.

FSC heeft als eerste wereldwijd toepasbare richtlijnen opgesteld voor certificering van goed bosbeheer en de handelsketen. FSC gecertificeerde goederen kunnen uitsluitend door FSC gecertificeerde bedrijven als zodanig verwerkt en verkocht worden.

PEFC is een certificatieschema voor duurzaam bosbeheer.